Heavy Bowie

heavy bowie sm 60

Specifications and features: 

9" plain Bowie blade
1085 carbon steel, 55-57 HRC
0.236" blade thickness
14-1/4" overall length
20 degree edge, flat grind
Kraton G handle
Leather and Cordura sheath
Limited lifetime warranty

Tree Chop

We us a Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie knife to chop down a tree to showcase how durable and useful the knife is.

Two Ka-bar Bowie Knive Review

We show off our two Ka-Bar bowie knives and tells about the modifications we have mad to the sheaths.

Ka-bar Bowie to Process Wood

Using the Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie knife to process fire wood.

Ka-bar Can Cut Test

We cut 6 12oz aluminum soda cans (filled with water) in half with the KA-BAR heavy bowie knife.

Ka-bar Knives Reviewed After Heavy Use

We show you how our two KaBar heavy bowie knives have held up under our hard unrelenting use. We do not baby these knives in the least and they are still going strong.

Ka-bar Justification

We show you a quick video on one way to justify your outdoor gear. We light a birthday cake candle with the True Utility Fire Stash and then cut the cake with the Kabar Heavy Bowie knife.

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