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Camping is one of the greatest outdoor past times of the civilized modern world.  It is ironic that we struggled for so long to distance ourselves from the trials of daily life outdoors.  We created permanent shelters that have become more and more opulent.  Once we became comfortable in our modern shelters, and all of the modern life conveniences we enjoy in them, we became obsessed with returning to the rougher outdoor living lifestyle, if just for the weekend.

Camping can take on many different aspects according to personal preferences and the experience desired.  Some like to venture outdoors with hardly more than the clothes on their back and a knife.  Others would like to pull their current modern home with them into the outdoors.  The rest of us fall somewhere in between.

The one thing that we all have in common is that no matter where you fall on the outdoor camping scale, you will need some type of gear.


The gear we choose needs to serve us well and serve the function for which it was purchased or designed.  We seldom spend our hard earned money on something that we know will not do the job.  This is where gear reviews and experience comes into play.

In our experience, even great gear can perform poorly if not used properly.  There is no substitution for familiarity with your outdoor gear.  Imagine struggling to assemble that new 5 room cabin tent you just purchased, in the dark and rain, while your family sits by getting cold and wet.  They will not enjoy the experience and neither will you.Now if you are familiar with the setup of that same tent, you can plan accordingly and save everyone from a poor experience.


Practice with your gear and be comfortable with its use.  This will enhance your camping experience.  This will also let you focus on the reasons you went camping in the first place, like getting close to nature, spending time with family and friends etc.  We would doubt that you went camping to struggle with gear.

We hope to share with you some of our camping experiences, whether it is camping gear or outdoor activities.  Hopefully you will find something here to enhance your next camping experience.



Hiking is another great outdoor activity.  Many of the most beautiful places on this earth can still only be accessed by foot, aka hiking.  The beauty is heightened for most by the solitude you can experience in remote locations.

The effort put forth to reach a particularly beautiful spot can also enhance the reward.  The more effort it takes, the fewer people will ever see or visit the location.  That is enough to make it special.

Hiking is simple, put one foot in front of the other and head for a remote destination.


The experience of hiking can be enhanced for some individuals by the gear they chose to carry and the activities they indulge in while on the trail.  Photograph, wild life watching and seeing special remote spots can all make the experience become more than just a walk outside.

Here we hope to share some hiking gear, as well as some of our hiking experiences, with you in order to hopefully give you some ideas of gear to try or experiences to have. 

List of Camping and Hiking gear we have reviewed:

- Auqmira Frontier Pro Water Filter

- Aquamira Water Bottle and Filter

- GCI Folding Camp Stool

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