We have purchased, acquired or borrowed a vast array of outdoor related tools, equipment and gear.We have found that some of it did not work for us or was of questionable quality.We have since started watching videos or reading reviews, whenever possible, before we purchase new gear.


Reviews can also show you how easy a product is to use, set up, assemble or disassemble.

Reviews can also give you a look at products that you have not seen before or that you have limited knowledge of.Reviews are a great place to find new and unique gear.

The one problem with reviews is that they are subjective.They reflect one person’s view or experience.This may or may not be your view or experience with a given product.

Our goal is to bring you reviews of gear that we use and like.We feel that it is counterproductive to review gear that we dislike or that has not worked for us.Instead we would like to focus on bringing you info and reviews on gear that we are trying out or that we have used successfully.


We are always on the lookout for new, obscure or exotic gear to experiment with.We would like to share these types of items with others.

Not everyone is going to like the gear we review or have the same opinion on it.That is okay with us.We do not share the same philosophy on gear as everyone else either.It is up to each person to decide how they will use each piece of gear and what use they will put it to.

If the same gear worked the same for everyone then there would not be the huge variety of gear on the market that there is.

Our reviews are simply overviews of product and gear that hopefully will allow you to make a more informed decision on if a piece of gear will work for you.

Our reviews are also designed to expose you to new, obscure and exotic gear that you would otherwise not be exposed to.

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Review Topics:

- Camping & Hiking Gear

- Flashlight & Lighting

- Guns & Ammo

- Knives and Multi-Tools

- Vehicle Products

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