Rome Pie Irons

What are Pie Irons?

They are a cast iron cooking device and are great for cooking many different foods over an open fire or camp stove.

500 1998 pie iron bag closeup

How do they cook?

You place your food inside the cooking compartment and then fold it shut via the hinge and handles locking your food inside keeping it safe from the fire or stove.

What is a Rome Pie Iron?

Only the best Pie Iron's on earth.  Rome Industries has been making high quality Pie Irons since 1964, and their cast iron is very thick and top quality.  You won't have problems with your Rome Pie Irons like you might have with lesser pie irons.

What can you cook in a Pie Iron?

The basic items people cook are grilled sandwiches and fruit pies.  The only limitation to what you can cook is your imagination.

There are many great recipes.  Some of the foods we have cooked are: (click the name below for a How-To video showing how easy it really is and how great they turn out)

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-      Ham and Cheese Sandwich

-      Ham, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast (Very good and simple to         cook, one of our kids favorites)

-      Pastrami and Cheese Sandwich

-      Pastrami, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

-      Monkey Bread Dessert

-      Cinnamon Rolls

-      Pizza Calzone (very easy and simple from a frozen pizza)

-      Pizza Pocket (home made)

-      Ruben Sandwich

-      Steak

-      London Broil

-      Waffles

Checkout Rome's Pie Irons on their facebook page for other great cooking ideas.

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