Roger's Canyon Cliff Dwelling

The 600 year old Salado cliff dwelling ruins sit inside rock enclaves and are well preserved.

The larges ruin is a small one-room adobe pueblo.A well preserved wall creates a court yard for the building.Approximately three quarters of the roof is well preserved and gives you a glimpse of the mud and reed construction technique.

Dwelling 1

A second ruin is below the main ruin and was created by the Salado by closing off the enterance to a small cave with an adobe wall.

It is estimated that there was as many as sixty-five rooms and chambers here when occupied by the Salado.In the 1920s, archaeologist Erich F. Schmidt excavated the ruins and documented remains of corn, beans, and squash.He also found the bones of rabbits, deer, and big horn sheep that supplemented the Salado’s cultivated diet.

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