Peppersauce Cave

We have explored Peppersauce cave several times over the years.  Peppersauce cave is a limestone cave with about 1 mile of mapped passages.  The cave is in the Catalina Mountains about ten miles from Oracle Arizona.  Oracle Arizona is also the site of the world famous Bio-Sphere experiment.

Peppersauce cave has been known to the public since approximately 1948.  It is open to the public to enter and explore unhindered.  There are no facilities or public officials at the site.  It is estimated that approximately 23,000 people visit the cave each year.  The cave was featured in National Geographic Magazine in a 1951 issue.

A sad byproduct of the cave being open to visitors, and the high number of explorers, is that it is plagued by littering and graffiti throughout.  Most of the cave formations have been damaged or destroyed.  Volunteers attempt to clean the cave periodically and help preserve the caving experience the best they can.


The cave ends in a small lake.  In 2000 two cave divers entered the lake and proceeded approximately 100 feet down a passageway until equipment failure forced them to abandon the expedition.  They did see a wooden ladder in the passageway from an unknown time period.  Who knows what else lies down the water filled passage.

The cave, although vandalized, offers the chance to venture underground and experience the things that can only be experienced in a cave.  Only in a cave can you experience TOTAL darkness and the oppressing feeling of having millions of tons of earth above your head just waiting to fall and crush you with the next earthquake I am certain we will return to Peppersauce cave many times in the future.



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