Why would you go into the outdoors except to adventure?  We all like to have adventures and experience new, exciting and fun things outdoors.

Whether it is to hike a trail, visit ancient ruins, explore an old mine, explore a cave, raft a river, 4x4 a trail or any other form of outdoor recreation you are on an adventure.

One of the great parts of any adventure is sharing it with others through words, photos or video.

Sharing adventures is also a great way to help other people find an adventure to do or plan one they are interested in.Sharing information about adventures lets others enjoy the adventure without going on it.  We have all been stuck in the office bored out of our mind and unable to head out on an adventure.  It is nice to be able to escape through someone else’s adventure for a little while.

We are always looking to go somewhere new and interesting.  We have seen a lot of very interesting and neat stuff in the outdoors.

Until recently we have had limited avenues to share these adventures with others.  With the advent of digital cameras and small hand held video recorders, it is now easier than ever to share an adventure.

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