About Us

We are 2 brothers (Jack and Travis Richards), hence the name “2 Brothers’ Adventures”, that have been accused of having too many hobbies!?!

We enjoy hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, caving (spelunking), exploring ancient ruins, motorcycling, 4x4ing, canoeing, outdoor cooking, exploring, shooting, archery, ATV riding, animal watching, film making, survival skills, preparedness, photography and just spending time outdoors with our families.

In our quest to explore our many hobbies we have, and will continue to, acquire a plethora of gear.  We are always looking for and interested in new or obscure and exotic gear to use outdoors.  As we find new gear that is interesting we will do video reviews on these products.  Our goal is to share as much information about outdoor gear as we can.

As we enjoy the outdoors we will document our adventures, gear use and experiences to share with family, friends and others that are interested. Knowledge and experiences that are shared with others are always more fun.


We will try to share with you outdoor information we have found that is useful or interesting on survival and other outdoor activities.

We will be continually adding new content to this site, our YouTube channel, and Facebook group as we find new gear, interesting information, or go on new adventures.

We do not claim to be experts at anything, but we love to learn, improve our skills and experiment with gear.

To put it simply, we are trying to have as many adventures and as much fun as possible.

Our motto is "Get Outdoors". We encourage everyone to get out and try new things. It is only through experience, that you can improve your skills.


© 2 Brothers' Adventures 2010